Financial Institutions Defense Practice ( D&O, E&O, EPL, MPL)

We have zealously and successfully represented numerous clients as insureds of the greatest insurance carriers, including but, not limited to, American International Group (AIG), National Union, Liberty Insurance, Lloyds of London, US Administrator Claims, Great American, Utica First, Everest, and others.

A sampling of just some of the AIG cases successfully defended:

* Dunn v. Woodstock Owners Corp.,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 100280/95 (Jane Solomon, J.) (civil rights discrimination and other claims against co-op board and managing agents successfully defended and subject to summary judgment dismissal)
* Hutt v. Kanterman, Taub & Breitner,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 600829/98 (Sheila Abdus-Salaam, J.) (successfully defended wrongful termination/discrimination employment law case)
* Rinaolo v. Werbel McMillin & Carnelutti,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 128869/93 (Sheila Adbus-Salaam, J.) (order to show cause to strike legal malpractice complaint resulting in favorable defendants’ settlement)
* Zirkind v. Zirkind,
199 F.3d 1999 (2d Cir. 1999) (affirmed order dismissing plaintiff’s complaint against psychologist and denying motions for orders adjudging defendants in contempt)
* Harmonic Textiles Co., Inc. v. Stephen I. Soble & Co.,
Supreme New York Index No.: 600513/95 (Paula Omansky, J.)(aggressive defense led to successful resolution within policy limits of accountant defalcation malpractice action where provable damages were at least twice in excess of policy limits)
* Keating v. Graubard Mollen,
Supreme New York Index No.: 11220/95 (Lorraine Miller, J.) (summary judgment dismissing all but one cause of action in attorney malpractice action; remanded to civil court; favorable settlement)
* Double Rink v. Nationwide,
Supreme Suffolk Index No.: 27200/97 (Melvyn Tanenbaum, J.) (dismissal of declaratory judgment action seeking insurance coverage)
* Nardone v. Flanagan, Hall,
245 AD2d 554, 666 NYS2d 735 (2d Dept 1997) (summary judgment dismissing action granted in attorney malpractice action; reversed on appeal; motion to dismiss amended complaint granted)
* Chalom v. Liparelli,
236 AD2d 354, 653 NYS2d 641 and 236 AD2d 354, 653 NYS2d 331 (affirming partial summary judgment on accountant malpractice liability and summary judgment dismissing action on damages) (Robert Roberto, J. June 28, 1994)
* Stettner v. Bendet,
227 AD2d 202, 642 NYS2d 253 (1st Dept 1996) (legal malpractice action stayed pending underlying medical malpractice action against former plastic surgeon Mark Dombroff)
* Herbert Post v. Sidney Bitterman, Inc.,
219 AD2d 214, 639 NYS3d 329 (1st Dept 1996) (assisted with respect to appeal leading to reversal of $15,000,000 judgment against accountant firm and remand)
* Stark v. Greenberg, Dauber & Epstein,
219 AD2d 571, 631 NYS2d 349 (1st Dept 1995) (denial of severance of third-party action; favorable settlement in attorney malpractice action)
* Ackerman v. Price Waterhouse,
156 Misc 2d 865, 591 NYS2d 936 (Supreme Court, New York County, 1992), aff’d, 198 AD2d 1, 604 NYS2d 721 (1st Dept 1993), leave to appeal granted by, 200 AD2d 951, 608 NYS2d 318 (1994), motion to amend denied by, 85 NY2d 836, 624 NYS2d 364 (N.Y. 1995); also see, 216 AD2d 123, 629 NYS2d 5 (1st Dept 1995); and 252 AD2d 179, 683 NYS2d 179 (1st Dept 1998) (accountant malpractice action resulting in successful discontinuance of claims against third-party accountant)
* Benjamin Schwartzberg v. Alen R. Beerman,
Supreme Court, Kings County Index Nos.: 33408/90, 28533/90 (Gerald S. Held, J.) (jury trial) (favorable settlement during trial of attorney malpractice action)
* Fly Shuebruk Gaguine Boros and Braun v. Lynn L. Landy,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 24153/85 (Angela Mazzarelli, J.) (jury trial) (favorable defense settlement during trial of attorney malpractice action)
* Schwartz v. Michaels, Not Reported in F. Supp,
1992 WL 382394 (SDNY December 3, 1992) (professional malpractice against attorneys including real estate securities action)
* Schwartz v. Michaels, Not Reported on F. Supp,
1992 WL 184527 (SDNY July 23, 1992) (professional malpractice against attorneys: obtained dismissal of fraud causes of action)
* Herbert Blum, v. William H. Warden, Sr.,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 6382/86 (Leland DeGrasse, J.) (jury trial) (defense verdict in accountants malpractice action)
* Ramos v. Patrician Equities Corp.,
765 FSupp 1196 (SDNY 1991) (RICO and securities fraud action dismissed)
* Philip Geraci v. Bauman, Greene & Kunkis, P.C.,
171 AD2d 454, 567 NYS2d 36 (1st Dept 1991) (collateral estoppel applied in legal malpractice action, resulting in dismissal)
* The Vermeer Owners, Inc. v. Gerald Guterman,
Supreme Court, New York County Index No.: 16876/83(Martin Evans, J.) (trial) (case of first impression holding that no private right of action existed under Martin Act)

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