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The DEVEREAUX LAW GROUP is a national law firm with offices across the country and has a reputation of excellence and accomplishment.

Michael J. Devereaux and his firm DEVEREAUX LAW GROUP are celebrating Mr. Devereaux’s 16 years of being ranked as a Pre-Eminent Attorney In America with the very highest skill and ethical ratings in the country.

GREAT NEWS – We have just been added to the American International Group (AIG) Panel for Professional Liability based on our experience, accomplishments, talents and skills with respect to professional malpractice liability cases defending professionals, including physicians, lawyers, architects, engineers, corporate directors and officers, social workers, nurses, etc.

GREAT NEWS – We have been added to the Professional Liability Panel of the NYLB

Jenny Rivera, JCA, with Michael J. Devereaux and colleagues

Jenny Rivera, JCA, with Michael J. Devereaux and colleagues

*Michael J. Devereaux was nominated and sworn-in by The Honorable Jenny Rivera, JCA, the newest judge in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, on Thursday, May 16, 2013, as President of the seventy-seven (77) year-old Brooklyn-Manhattan Trial Lawyers Association.

Michael J. Devereaux Presented “The Link: 88% of Homes With Abused Animals Had Family Violence – Violence Engenders Violence,”  at the Empire State College Colloquium

The Colloquium included being on the Panel With Panelists Dr. Kevin Woo of the Center For The Study Of Pinniped Ecology And Cognition(“C-SPEC,” at and on Facebook); Jennifer Abrams, Supervisor of the Behavioral Department at the Animal Care & Control of New York City; Dr. Kristi Biolsi, of the Center For The Study Of Pinniped Ecology And Cognition (“C-SPEC,” at and on Facebook); Julie Hecht, MSc(canine behavioral researcher and science writer in New York City, on Twitter @DogSpies in Scientific American at; and Dr. Katherine Miller, Director of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research for the ASPCA

AnimalColloquiumOct3PosterMichael J. Devereaux, Esq. presented the “Link,” lecture on Friday, October 3rd at the Empire State College Colloquium held on the campus of Empire State College, 325 Hudson Street, New York City, which brought together a diverse and wide spectrum of speakers, including Dr. Kevin Woo, Dr. Kristi Biolsi, Julie Hecht, and Dr. Katherine Miller.
Here is a link to the Colloquium Power Point presentation.

May 7, 2014 – Animal Abuse and Family Violence: A Training Program

Elizabeth Frayer, Esq., Randal Carmel, Esq., Micah Bocart of Lawline, Christine Mott, Esq. and Michael J. Devereaux Esq.

Elizabeth Frayer, Esq., Randal Carmel, Esq., Micah Bocart of Lawline, Christine Mott, Esq. and Michael J. Devereaux Esq.

The NYC Family Justice Center, Queens hosted “The Link Between Animal Abuse and Family Violence: A Training Program” on May 7, 2014. History and quite literally centuries of research prove that animal cruelty, including violence against animals is an established indicator of human violence, including domestic violence and child abuse/neglect. Eighty-eight per-cent(88%), of homes with abused animals have family violence. Criminals, including the very worst in history, including, most recently, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Columbine school shooters, and the BTK killer, Denis Rader all had a history of animal violence. Michael J. Devereaux has been lecturing as often as possible throughout the country, including the State and City of New York on this “link,” advocating for mandatory cross-reporting in the State of New York to statutorily put in practice what we’ve known for centuries that animal violence establishes a propensity to human violence. Other countries throughout the world mandate cross-reporting, and other states in our country mandate cross-reporting but not yet the State of New York.

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Here’s a link to the power-point presentation: “The Link Between Animal Abuse and Family Violence: A Training Program” presented on May 7, 2014 at the NYC Family Justice Center, Queens, 126-02 82nd Avenue, Kew Gardens, NY 11415.

Mandatory Cross-Reporting Of Animal And Child Abuse Protects Domestic Violence Victims And Animals

The enactment in 1999 of the felony cruelty laws expressly noted “[t]he connection between animal abusers and violence towards humans,” in its legislative findings.1 The Amendment of the Family Court Act in 2006, expressly noted the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence, stating: “often abusers, in an effort to control and threaten their partners, harm or kill their pets.”2 Margaret Mead stated “[o]ne of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.”3 “Animal abuse has received insufficient attention as one of a number of red ‘flags’ – warning signs or sentinel behaviors that could help identify youths at risk for perpetuating interpersonal violence and youths who have themselves been victimized.”4
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Wild Bird Fund

We have assisted in the development and establishment of New York City’s very first Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: Our Certified Service Dog Kuro rescued Dylan, who was hit by a vehicle and found injured in the middle of the street during a thunderstorm at Battery Park City’s West Thames Street and South End Avenue. Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s Rita McMahon tended to Dylan’s broken wing and injuries. Dylan was successfully saved, and rehabilitated and re-joined a flock: Kuro has successfully rescued several birds throughout the City. The Firm has been and continues to act as WBF’s General Counsel. Michael J. Devereaux is greatly honored to have been nominated and voted on to serve on WBF’s Board.

Thurgood Marshall Summer Internship Program

We have sponsored and participated in the Thurgood Marshall Summer Internship Program. It is part of the New York City Bar’s continuing efforts to enhance the diversity of the legal profession. The Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program places high-achieving inner-city high school students with legal employers for the summer. In addition, the students participate in Weekly development programs, including a law class at Columbia University School of Law, a mock trial before a federal judge at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of NY, and multiple career development workshops with a diverse group of attorneys. Since the program’s inception in 1993, the Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship has placed more than 2,000 students in law firms, corporate law departments, non-profit government organizations and law schools throughout the city.
Certain Thurgood Marshall Summer Interns interning at our Firm have been hired on as legal assistants and continued as legal assistants throughout the year to the present.

Mighty Mutts, Inc., d/b/a Ollie’s Place

We are General counsel to Mighty Mutts Inc., which is a not-for-profit 50l(c)(3) a no-kill, wholly volunteer organization dedicated to successfully helping to save stray animals in and about New York City:

Battery Park City Little League Baseball

The Firm has and continues to sponsor two Little League “Devereaux Lawyers” baseball teams in Battery Park City.

Humane Society of Walden, New York

We were engaged to represent the interests of Pepper, an abused Great Dane mix abandoned and found in Prospect Park, Brooklyn New York. We won the battle to save Pepper from “euthanasia,” that is, destruction. The Human Society of Walden is caring for and training Pepper. We negotiated a stipulation amicably resolving the issues, saving Pepper’s life:; 248 Albany Post Road, Walden, NY 12586 (845) 778- 5115

Defense Association of New York,

Bringing together attorneys and others in the State of New York who devote a significant amount of their professional time to the handling of litigated cases and whose representation in such cases is primarily for the defense and also those Whose practice consists in representing insurance companies, self-insured firms and corporate defendants. DANY promotes and inspires improvements in the administration of justice, including, among other endeavors, the prompt and adequate payment of every just and meritorious claim, and the equitable and expeditious handling of disputes.

Brooklyn-Manhattan Trial Lawyers Association

The Association brings together judges, trial lawyers and other professionals serving the public, practicing law or assisting in the practice of law with respect to achieving the proper administration of justice. Michael J Devereaux is proudly serving as first Vice-President of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Trial Lawyers Association.

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